Welcome! This site is devoted to sharing Kansas City's pro hockey history. It strives to cover teams from the Pla-Mors to the Kansas City Mavericks. Not much information is available about the early teams. If you have info you'd like to share, e-mail me at [email protected].
Thanks to Zack Fisch for the Greyhounds stuff. Thanks to Stephanie for the Americans, Blues, and Scouts pictures. Thanks to Michael and Brian Costello for the Pla-Mors schedule. Thanks to Nello Ferrera for providing me with your Outlaws pictures. Thanks to Chuck Cotten for the information and pictures of Hal Halderson, it's much appreciated. Thanks to Kelly Conn for the awesome Pla-Mors team photo. I am currently in the process of trying to catch up with getting player pages for all of the past teams' players. Hopefully, I can catch up with that soon, so I can get to getting all of the current news and information updated. Thanks for checking the site out!


Max Bentley
Bill Mosienko

Please, be patient with me, as I try to catch up with everything.

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Last updated February 6, 2018